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TTC 001: Understanding Financial Markets

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumberTime
TTC 001Understanding Financial Markets Mr David NormanConfirmed on BookingTwo-day starter course


The objective of the Understanding Financial Markets Programme is to provide a good basic grounding in the way financial markets work, the reason for their existence, how they are managed, the institutions who use them and its history. The Programme is classroom-based and is designed for those students and new beginners in the financial markets as they leave school or college and seek to widen their scope for careers in the finance sector.

TTC provides this course as a two-day starter course for new recruits to finance businesses and can teach a group as small as three people or as large as 100 people. This type of course is perfect for sixth-form colleges and companies who take on school leavers and undergraduates into their businesses and who need to give them a comprehensive industry overview when they start. TTC makes this a fun learning experience that attendees seldom forget while providing valuable and important knowledge of the business sector and the market place.

The Programme offers:



Classroom based instruction with mixed media presentations, including screen-based presentations, film, role-play and trading games


A critical insight into the broad field of finance and economics with case studies and real-world examples of industry activities


Knowledge and insight from Industry participants who have been working in finance for many years



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