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TTC 104: Energy and Power Trading

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumberTime
TTC 104Energy and Power TradingMr David NormanConfirmed on Booking


The objective of the Energy and Power Trading Programme is to provide theoretical knowledge and practical understanding of Energy and Power markets, Futures trading strategies and analysis techniques at the highest level. The Programme offers a mix of classroom based instruction, case study and practical trading exercises where attendees will experience the valuable opportunity of trading real-time simulated equity markets through the use of industry strength proprietary trading software.

Attendees will be taken through a rigorous Programme of theoretical and practical education in Energy Futures trading and Energy and Power markets.

The Programme offers:

Intense trader training with full-time practical trading sessions in the trading room using realtime professional proprietary trading and market data software

Energy trader training from industry experts who are currently trading themselves

The opportunity to develop trader algorithmic tools for order entry and spread trading using industry leader trading software

As a practical qualification, the TTC Energy and Power Markets Trading course covers a large area of energy industry knowledge and is geared at those newly entering the market as well as professionals who are looking to update and broaden their knowledge of:

Global energy markets and their participants

Energy trading products and their uses

Trading strategies used by professional traders in spot and derivative Energy markets


Market micro-structure, order routing, trade management and risk

Energy Market trading, market data and news services

Automated trading systems and algorithms

Unlike most financial markets courses that rely heavily on theory, the TTC courses are designed to be practical and completely up to date in their industry information. Such knowledge can be transferred from the classroom to the workplace seamlessly.

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