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Academic Data Resources and Financial Platform Support

TTC manages Financial Platforms and Data resources on behalf of academic institutions. We Provide advanced financial platform software knowledge, IT expertise and financial platform software technical proficiency so that we can fully manage and enhance University facilities for all financial platforms and data sources.


TTC supports the following technical requirements for academic institutions

  • TTC provides platform integrations with API’s. Eikon & Bloomberg with Python and Matlab.
  • TTC provides ongoing enhancement and integration of custom Python libraries for a dedicated trading lab environment. These libraries provide excellent free financial data and advanced core quantitative tools.
  • TTC provides a securing testing and stable operational environment for academic trading lab software.
  • TTC provides first line student support for use of IT, software and financial data services
  • TTC provides Vendor management (all financial Platforms)
  • TTC is continually building and enhancing quantitative programming and financial platforms offering students first class software in direct alignment with the real world for quantitative and other finance related jobs.
  • TTC resolves hardware / software technical issues directly with University IT departments.
  • TTC can test and provide all platform environment software testing with IT.
  • TTC regularly upgrades financial software platforms and has technical knowledge of all platforms and services.
  • TTC liaises with procurement for financial platform renewals and purchase orders.

Current list of financial and data analytic software supported (February 2019)

  • Anaconda Packages for Eikon
  • Aptech Gauss 18
  • Bloomberg API
  • Bloomberg Professional
  • Datastream DFO Add-In
  • Eikon 4.0.41512
  • Eikon Remove Shortcuts
  • Enthought Canopy 1.7.4
  • EViews 10
  • Macrobond 1.17.11
  • R Statistics 3.5.1
  • RStudio 1.1.456 SCR
  • SigmaPlot 13 2017
  • Stata15 SE KBS
  • TeXstudio 2.7.0
  • TTrader
  • WIND
  • JuliaPro and IJulia for Jupyter
  • MetaTrader 5
  • MonfoDB
  • Git / Bash
  • SQL Server 2017 Express and SSMS


Enhancing Student use of Data and Financial Platforms

With respect to the increasing flood of financial data, the science of handling, interpreting and visualising data effectively is one of the key skills underpinning many of today’s work roles. However, there is a well-known trade-off between a pure data scientist holding methodical expertise on one side and domain experts on the other side. That is, knowing about the inherent value and information the data may contain.

Through the use of financial platforms and data analysis facilities, students gain an insight into the different types of financial data as well as starting to think like data scientists. This provides students with tools and skills that enable them to go deeper into the field of financial data science and to better cooperate with data-driven departments in their later work roles.


"I chose to study the Finance Trading Programme (FTP) as I wanted to get a more hands-on approach on complex financial topics. During normal lectures, we don’t have the time to see whether the theories we learn are applicable to the real world, and if they are, how. The Trading Programme provides me with the practical tools that I will need in the real world to analyse the markets and based on that, take trades." - MSc Investment and Finance Student

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