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The Trader Bootcamp

Our Trader Bootcamp courses run continuously throughout the year. They are classroom-based and designed to provide delegates with theoretical and practical knowledge of their chosen market, the trading strategies applicable to their market and risk management and money management techniques in order to give them the tools to enable them to compete in the complex world of financial markets.

Each Bootcamp is normally three-days in duration and delegates use industry-strength trading, charting and analytical software from the first day. The opportunity is for delegates to learn how the professionals trade. There is a mix of macro market theory, detailed strategy breakdown using analytical studies, and workable technical analysis and practical trading examples. We encourage those attending the Bootcamps to think and act quickly and we provide them with a full trading audit-trail analysis once they have completed the course. This way, we provide them with concrete evidence of their performance, and support them in being able to face the challenges of the financial markets. They learn to be disciplined, independent-minded, alert, fully focused and, above all, profitable.


Contact info@tradertraining.net to learn more about our scheduled Bootcamps.

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